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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October Recap: The Busy Business Continues

...And a month has flown by since I last posted. All the busyness surrounding school and work that I mentioned last month was still in place this month, and it's about to get even busier for me in a bit. But I can't complain too much because life has been pretty good to me on the whole. Here are some non-school-and-work-related things I did in October:

I saw Wicked for the third time!:
(I had really bad seats because the tickets were so expensive, but whatevs because this was my third time seeing it and I know all the words and actions to the songs by heart anyways. The show was entertaining as usual!)

I went to a Toronto FC match for the first time:
(A whole lot less entertaining than Wicked. But I'm always into trying everything at least once and I'd never seen a soccer match in person before [nor on TV for that matter...] so I thought why not. Once was enough though. But who knows, if I ever get the urge to watch grown men whine and fake injuries in a spectacularly bad way, then maybe I'll have to check out another soccer game sometime.)

And I finally - FINALLY - began watching Doctor Who after everyone and their grandmothers had recommended it to me:
First thoughts: not great, unfortunately. I had a tough time getting into it at first. I am just SO incredibly left brained that it took me a long time to get past the cheesiness and the insane plot holes and the crappy science explanations. Plus, I kind of hate Rose (Billie Piper).

BUT once I was able to force my brain to turn off (mostly anyways...) and once they finally got rid of Rose, it was mostly smooth sailing from there on out. Doctor Who reminds me a lot of Buffy (one of my all-time faves) in that there are some misses here and there (episode-wise), but when they get it right, it's GENIUS. Most of all, I admire the creativity that goes into each episode. It's simply incredible that the writers can come up with new episode concepts and creatures that are wholly original every single time. I am genuinely impressed by what I have seen thus far and I'm excited to see what's in store next!

Finally, some news that will mean I am not ready to get back into blogging any time soon: I will be leaving for Berlin in a few days to attend a palaeontology conference in which I will be giving a presentation on my thesis research in front of hundreds of expert palaeontologists who all know way more about my subject than I do! So... yay/eek!? Obviously, I'm excited because I've never been to Berlin before, but I do wish I was going there purely for leisure. Ah, oh well, hopefully I will make the most of it and have fun in spite of the nerve-wracking high-pressure presentation... Wish me luck!

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Best Book Read in October:

What's this? I finally managed to read the book I swore I would read ages ago, but have been putting off for years and years now? Thanks to Sara for forcing me to read it. Jellicoe Road was definitely worth it so I'm glad I finally bit the bullet even if it was difficult to get into at first. Definitely a powerful read, and I'm happy to have finally gotten a taste of what Melina Marchetta has to offer.


  1. Replies
    1. Well, don't worry because it will be playing for forever so you have plenty of time!

  2. Awwww hun, I honestly feel for you with everything going on in school and not having time to yourself! I remember all too well with Uni life was like for me and I very much doubt that I'd be able to keep a blog going (even sporadically) when I was a student. We certainly miss you though ♥

    I am glad to see that you managed to have some fun in October as well ;-) I know what you mean for sporting events though. A few Summers ago, we attended what was my very first live football game and I was bored out of my mind. It didn't help that it was sweltering heat I'm sure, but I ended up leaving about halfway through. Of course, you know how I feel about Doctor Who :D So I'm going to pretend I didn't read about hating Rose - and focus on how you are enjoying yourself now! It DOES take a bit to get over the cheesiness and learn to really suspend your disbelief BUT it is soooo worth it!

    And holy wow: BERLIN! That sounds so surreal but amazing too. I understand your nerves though and presenting research there and not visiting for fun but I hope you'll get to take in the sights all the same...and hopefully take some nice pictures, maybe to share with us! Happy Halloween Aylee and here's to a fantastic November ^^ xx

    1. Thanks, Micheline!! I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures! <3 Miss you too.

  3. Yes!!!! You finally read Jellicoe!! I love that book it gives me so much feels!!!!

    And I think Berlin merits a YAY!!!! I'm sure your research is great and they'll love it!! Make time to eat something delicious and chocolatey!!!

    Also, Soccer matches are in general very boring, we used to go when I was little and we finally decided it was a lot more fun to watch them at home and switch channels every once in a while, :P But, like you said, it's something fun to try at least!!!

    And, I could never get into Doctor Who, I've watched isolated episodes here and there but nah, not my thing. :P

    Best of luck, Aylee!!!!! :D

  4. Have a wonderful time in Berlin! Best of luck on your presentation.You're going to rock!

  5. I'm glad you're finally watching Doctor Who but I'm sad you don't like Rose ... I think she's my favourite. :) And oh my goodness, Berlin sounds so exciting!! Good luck with your presentation! I'm glad you liked Jellicoe Road ... it wasn't my favourite book, but everyone else seems to like it!

  6. You are so crazy brave. I hate public speaking. Hats off to you, I hope your conference goes well. Berlin? Wow! Amazing, I've never even been outside of the US except for warm water scuba vacations. On a completely different note, I must add I'm super jealous you've finally read Jelicoe Road. I purchased the book this year and hope to still read it in 2014. I'm very motivated you enjoyed it and will look forward to reading your review. I'm totally bummed you still won't be blogging for a while. I miss your posts!

    1. Eep, thanks Gina :) I'm not that brave though ^^ Miss you too.

  7. I've never watched soccer live because it seems so incredibly dull on TV. So, I had to laugh at your reaction, especially because there was an article recently in The Star about how pissed off TFC fans are with TFC.

    Anyways, good luck at your paleontology conference, Aylee! I hope you get some leisure time and aren't too nervous during your presentation.

    1. Heehee, well maybe it would have been more fun if it had been warmer out. Thanks, Zahida :D

    2. You guys, soccer is an amazingly fun sport, but I do admit, I HATED it before I started playing it myself. When I was in my 30's we sponsored and played on an indoor soccer team and I fell in love. My children both played outdoor soccer too, so I learned how the game went and that made it very much more interesting to me. Before that I just didn't get it or appreciate it!

    3. Hmm, so you're saying I should play it some time and I will learn to love it? That's very possibly true!

  8. I'm so happy I'm not the only one who thinks about Doctor Who that way. Like I tweeted you, it hasn't grabbed me yet. I kind of like it, but there are too many things I don't like. Some episodes are definitely better than others and I can't wait to see the newer seasons!

    How exciting and scary, but I bet you will be GREAT! Good luck and most of all, HAVE FUN, it sounds like an amazing experience.

  9. I need to read Jellicoe Road as well. That's great you really loved it though. Yay for seeing Wicked again. I've seen it twice, and it really is good. It's not my most favorite musical but it's one worth seeing more than once for sure! I like finding new musicals to see and enjoy too though.

    Sorry you are still crazy busy, but I'm glad things are going well for the most part. Congrats on the thesis/trip to Berlin. That's exciting; don't be too nervous! They all know you're a newbie, and you'll grow as your career does!! :)

    YAY for watching and mostly enjoying Doctor Who. I really enjoy it too. A lot of people don't like Rose. I did, but that's okay if you didn't haha I really like Donna too! She's just funny.

  10. Oh, it's nice to know that even with your busy schedule (which I totally understand... *sigh*), you made a post to update us on your life and that you had some fun as well. I'm so glad you read Jellico Road. My friends are forcing me to read and you saying that it's worth just makes me want to get to it ASAP. Some day, I will. Great post, Aylee!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  11. A very late goodluck, Aylee! How fantastic and exciting, your trip! I hope it goes/went really well, and you got to have a good look around Berlin whilst you were there- hope you'll do a little recap post of it! I'd love to see some pictures. It seems like such a delightful, novel-worthy place- a world within itself or something magical like that.

    Oh gosh, Wicked the musical? I cannot wait to see that for myself (never have before but I just adore the music and all I know of the storyline) - sorry you didn't get the best experience this time around, though!

  12. Your month sounds busy but fun at least. I don't love Doctor Who but I do like it a lot. It's kind of hit or miss depending on the episode like you mentioned.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  13. I know I have read this, and I don't think I have commented on it. Anywho.. I am so stoked that you read Jellicoe Road and seemed to enjoy it, I am also really excited that you've finally found your way to the Doctor! It's super corny, but once you've gotten past that, it's pretty excellent.

    Seeing as it's now the end of November (where did this month go?) I hope things have lightened up for you. I know you've had time to read another book or two, I'm looking forward to see more of your thoughts on them.