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Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Recap: Back Into the Swing of Things

March was pretty uneventful for me, but that's a good thing. After an incredibly unproductive February, I was able to get back into the swing of things in March and made good progress on my work, school, blogging, and reading. It feels good to have had a pretty productive month!

I also got to see two great movies:
It's been years since Veronica Mars, the TV show, ended, and years in which Marshmallows have been waiting for a return to our favourite snarky detective. Well, the wait is finally over and it felt like coming home! The Veronica Mars movie DELIVERED on everything the fans have been wanting and waiting for. It was just so perfect! I absolutely loved seeing all the characters again (they even brought back minor ones!) and all the inside jokes were great. If you aren't yet a Veronica Mars fan, then what the heck are you waiting for??

It is with a sigh of relief that I can say that I loved the Divergent movie. There is always concern with book-to-movie adaptations, but I feel like they did Divergent justice with this movie. Sure, it wasn't perfect, but it was definitely on the high end of book-to-movie adaptations. I loved seeing this book brought to life and I loved the lead actors that were cast. My main complaint is actually who they cast for Peter, Will, and Al - these actors all look so similar and were difficult to tell apart! Throw in the actor who played Caleb, whom was also pretty similar looking, and it was just too much. All the other casting choices were good though! And I loved the Veronica Roth cameo.

This month I also binge-watched the first three seasons of American Horror Story. Holy crap, could this show be any more addicting?? I don't think so. The show can actually be pretty silly at times in that bad horror movie kind of way, and yet it's still SO incredibly entertaining! Definitely recommended (and this is coming from a total wimp).

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Best Book Read in March:
I reread Days of Blood and Starlight this month to refresh myself for the upcoming finale, Dreams of Gods and Monsters. Good lord THIS BOOK. It is absolutely spectacular. Laini Taylor is such a phenomenal writer that it is actually unbelievable at times. I am both craving and dreading the soon to be released finale... Excitement is winning out though because I just KNOW it is going to be blow-your-socks-off amazing.


  1. A little jealous! Need to see VMars - I'm in love with the TV show. And Divergent is on my to-watch list too.

    Glad you liked Days of Blood and STarlight so much. I'm a huge fan of this series and bought Dreams of Gods and Monsters the other day. I wasn't expecting it to be released here (in Australia) yet but walked into a bookstore and there it was! :D

    Hope April is as good as March was. :)

    Kate @ Fictional Thoughts

    1. It's already released in Australia???? JELLY.

  2. Veronica Mars just blew me away! I loved it so much - even my husband did! I haven't seen Divergent yet, but soon...hopefully! :)

  3. I still need to watch Veronica Mars the TV show. I did like Divergent though - but I had the exact same Al, Will, Peter issue!

  4. I've only seen random episodes of Veronica Mars but I do want to watch it all at some point because I love Kristen Bell. Glad you loved the movie!

  5. The American Horror Story pics look both creepy and ridiculous. I can't figure out which way I'm leaning more towards.

    It seems like so many bloggers saw the Veronica Mars movie. I never watched the TV show so how lost would I be if I ended up deciding to check it out, Aylee?

    I'm hoping that my copy of Dreams of Gods and Monsters arrives early enough for me to read it before the signing!

    1. Oh no, you must watch the tv show first. And I definitely recommend it!

  6. I saw both the VM movie & Divergent in March as well! LOVE LOVE LOVED VM...did like Divergent but not as much as I thought. Glad you enjoyed them both :)


  7. Divergent was SO good. I think I saw it with the right people which made the experience that much better. I was also relieved that they stayed pretty true to the story. I didn't watch VM when it was on TV and I still haven't, but I am tempted to, seeing as how everyone seems to love her.

    AHS- that is a one weird show. I watched all of season one and some of season two and none of season three. I think it's because I found the first season SO disturbing that I just couldn't. But I will try again, I'd heard a lot of good things about season three.

    I am glad to see that March was a good month for you. And that you fell back into the swing of things. I have been reading all your posts and enjoyed seeing you more in my feed.

    Have a happy April Aylee!

  8. YES! YES! YES TO VERONICA MARS & DIVERGENT!!!! :D I'm so glad that you loved them both, too!! And I definitely did some binge TV watching this month myself! I caught up on both BITTEN and THE CARRIE DIARIES that way! :P haha I also watched some of season one of MR. SELFRIDGE on PBS...and I was thinking it might be a good one to watch with my DA bestie. ;) *hint, hint!* You should check it out! :)

    Also, I'm glad March was so great for you, and I hope that April is even more awesome! :)

    1. Mr. Selfridge, eh? I'll have to look into that! Never even heard of it. Have you heard of Call the Midwife? I've been hearing good things about it and it also sounds like it's along the same lines as Downton Abbey so I've been thinking about trying that one out.

  9. Eeeep, I've never watched Veronica Mars *hides* I was in Uni when the show was on and I feel like it just passed me by...but I guess it's never too late to jump on the bandwagon >.< Oh and YAY for the Divergent movie delivering :D I haven't gone to see it yet since I started Allegiant and now I kind of want to finish it before I go lol. PS- totally jelly you did a DoS&B re-read...I may just have to follow your lead and do that too!! The series definitely deserves ALL the re-reads (for ever and ever in life) and with book 3 coming out? Eeep! Great looking month girl ^^

  10. YES! I loved the Veronica Mars movie and Divergent. It was an excellent month for movies. I was on vacation for the last two weeks so I missed a ton of movies, tv, reading, etc., but I'm glad I saw those before I left. So happy you are a fan of the Daughter of Smoke & Bone books too, I can't wait for the finale! (But I'm also totally nervous to read it). Glad you had a great March, hope your April is even better. :-)

  11. American Horror Story is definitely one of the shows I want to get into! I've been waiting for a few seasons to come onto Netflix before I watch - since I love to binge watch too :D

    I just got into Orphan Black which is an amazing show! It's not on Netflix yet I don't think (at least not here in the states) but it's on Amazon (only the first season is out, the second season premieres April 19th on BBC America.) I signed up for a free trial month of Amazon Prime membership so I watched the entire first season for free #win! :D I wanted to be up to speed when the second season airs - and I had caught a few episodes here and there on TV , that's how I got hooked in the first place but I knew I was missing so much and it's definitely one of those shows you need to watch in order. It's got everything, humor, suspense, scifi, drama, it's amazing casting - esp the actress that plays each and every clone with a different style and personality. She is GENIUS. OK i'm starting to ramble..*walks away quietly* :D

    April @ My Shelf Confessions