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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Challenges Wrap-Up and 2012 Challenges

I'm proud to say that I managed to complete or surpass every reading challenge that I signed up for in 2011 (with the exception of the 2011 A-Z Reading Challenge... somehow, forcing myself to complete this challenge became much less important to me than reading books that I actually wanted to read). Then again, I only signed up for four (including the Goodreads Challenge). So for 2012, I'm going to be challenging myself harder by signing up for 13 reading challenges! Yeah, this probably means I'm going to have the potential to fail, and fail hard, but isn't the point of a reading challenge to actually challenge yourself? Here they are, in alphabetical order:

I want to add some variety in my reading, so I hope to listen to 12 Audiobooks (Level: Going Steady) in 2012. I have a hard time reviewing audiobooks however, so I'm not sure I will be doing so for each audiobook that I listen to.

I was surprised at how easily I completed the 2011 Debut Author Challenge, so I feel like I will have no problem completing 12 2012 YA/MG Debuts.

Dusty Bookshelf Challenge
I get so caught up in reading the latest new releases that I often forget about the books that are literally or figuratively in my TBR pile. I hope to read 10-15 Books from my TBR (Level: Cobwebs) in 2012.

Dystopian (post-apocalyptic and non) was the most common genre I read in 2011, so I feel it shouldn't be too hard to read 8-14 Books (Level: Medium) in 2012.

Again, I want to add some variety to my reading style, so I hope to read at least 10 E-Books (Level: Fun Size) in 2012.

I hope to finish up at least 3 Series (Level 3) in 2012: Chaos Walking, The River of Time Series, The Infernal Devices, and The Monstrumologist Series are possibilities.

1st in a Series Challenge 2012
I read tons of firsts in a series in 2011, so I figure it should be easy to read 12 Firsts (Level: Series Expert) in 2012.

It's embarrassing how little contemporary I read, even though I am constantly getting recommendations. In 2012, I hope to read at least 5 Contemporary Books (not very many, I know, but for me, this will be a challenge).

2012 Mammoth Book Challenge
I hope that by signing up for this challenge, it will encourage me to not shy away from mammoth-sized reads. I hope to read at least 6 +450 Page Books (Level 3) in 2012.

I read lots of debuts in 2011, so I'm hoping it won't be too difficult to read 10 Sophomore YA/MG Books in 2012.

I adore time travel so I know I'm going to love participating in this challenge. I hope to read 4-6 Time Travel Books (Level: Great Adventure) in 2012.

I've downloaded quite a few free ebooks from Amazon since I've started blogging, but have read very little of them. I am going to attempt to read 12 Free Ebooks (Level: Coupon Clipper) in 2012.

And of course, the Goodreads Challenge. These are all that I've signed up for currently, but it may be that I just forgot about or didn't know about other reading challenges, which I might sign up for later.


  1. I am SO excited to see that you've signed up for the Contemporary Challenge! I cannot WAIT to see what you read! I hope you find some Contemps to love! (Let me know if you need any recs! :) )

  2. Congrats on doing well on the challenges! I'm not signing up for any. I signed up for 2 last year. I think I completed them, but I never bothered to follow up - so I'm just not going to bother this year since I know I'll be too lazy to report.

  3. Welcome to the Finishing the Series challenge! I'm so glad you are joining us. Have fun with it!

  4. Wow Aylee! That is an impressive number of challenges, good for you! I was all set to do the DAC challenge last year, had my post all done and my list ready and then I completely failed at it. I'm sure I read enough books, I just never kept track. Can't wait to see how you do on all of these!

  5. Yay for reading challenges! I wish you the best of luck in completing them all! :)

  6. Ashley: I am also excited to get reading some contemporaries! Recs are always welcome. I know I will for sure want to read the ones that are already on my shelf: Lola and the Boy Next Door, WiIl Grayson, Will Grayson, and The Mockingbirds. Also hopefully something by Melina Marchetta and Sarah Dessen.

    Alison: Oh, well yeah. I'm really bad at reporting back as well. I think I did so for the first few months of the year, but never again. I guess completing the challenges were more just for my satisfaction. I'm sure it'll be the same for this year.

    Yvonne: Thank you! I'm excited to finish up some great series!

    Jenny: I am sure you read tons of debuts as you read tons of books! You could easily complete many challenges if you ever signed up for them, I'm sure. Thanks for the encouragement; I truly hope I don't fail, hah!

    Lauren: Thanks for your support; I am going to need it, ha :)

  7. Wow, lots of challenges!! Those would really...challenge...me. Good luck, I have no doubt in my mind that you'll complete each one :D Or at least do something on each one, I think that's the whole point-just to try. That's what I'm going to do!! You have some great goals. I can't wait to read all your reviews!!! Good luck Aylee :)

  8. These challenges sound like so much fun but I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to any.

    I feel very pressured when I do... but maybe the Dusty Shelf one would be a good idea.

  9. Nice work Aylee. You are impressive, I finished my challenges too, but only entered three last year. I also plan to bump it up a notch next year. Best wishes for 2012.

  10. Nice work Aylee. You are impressive, I finished my challenges too, but only entered three last year. I also plan to bump it up a notch next year. Best wishes for 2012.

  11. Congrats on completing your challenges! I only finished one of two. Opps. Good luck in the new year... 13 challenges is insane!!

  12. I only signed up for five last year and managed to do two. I'm only doing a few again next year so hopefully I'll be better.

    I like that you're challenging yourself to more next year, and it seems like you're going to read a variety of genres. Good luck!

  13. Wheeee! Look at all the challenges! This is going to be fun. I keep debating the series ones and the contemps one. Maybe I'll just bite the bullet. :) Good luck Aylee!

  14. Aylee, it looks like you love challenges as much as I do! Thanks for joining me on my Time Travel Challenge. I look forward to reading your reviews!

  15. Lulu: Haha, yeah I think the point is to challenge yourself and try. I doubt I'll complete each and every one of these... but hopefully there's enough crossover that I'll get a few of these completed. Good luck to you too!

    Alex: Thankfully I don't feel too pressured about them... that certainly wouldn't be fun. I'm just going to try my best. If I don't complete them, then oh well!

    Gina: Thanks and Good luck to you too!

    Sara: haha, it is kind of insane! But I only plan to do my best; it won't be the end of the world if i fail!

    Zahida: Yeah, I hope to read more genres, expand my reading tastes, and go outside my comfort zone! Good luck to you too!

    Logan: Do it!! haha, easy for me to say. But I can't help but think, what's the worst that could happen? Will the world end if I fail half of these?

    Laura: Thank you for hosting it! It's just the challenge for me :)

  16. Welcome to the Mammoth Book Challenge, Aylee, and thanks for joining! Hope you have fun!